TRAVEL: Pedestrian and cyclist improvements in Poole


New pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes have been installed around some of Poole’s busiest roads. 

Hunger Hill, West Street and West Quay Road in Poole have been improved with safer crossings for pedestrians and safer routes for cyclists. 

This work is part of the Townside Access scheme in Poole.

About Townside Access:

There is a master plan to expand the port and various development sites along West Street and West Quay Road. Eventually, these sites will provide thousands of new homes, leisure opportunities and new jobs for locals.

These changes were approved in 2015 and there have already been improvements focused on pedestrians and cyclists on West Street and West Quay Road, including new, safer crossings and cycle lanes. 

BCP successfully secured £11.7 million from Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, through the Dorset Growth Deal, to provide these changes. 

Aims for Townside Access:
  • Improve access to the development sites on the town side of Backwater Channel to encourage regeneration.
  • Create a new local identity for Townside by shaping public spaces in making the best use of materials, landscaping, lighting, artwork, signage and street furniture. 
  • Create more reliable journey times and safeguard air quality.
  • Deliver a more consistent cycling and pedestrian network with upgraded crossing facilities and better connectivity to the town centre.
Townside Access Programme:

There are three main phases of the programme to help improve the attractiveness of public spaces. 

Phase 1- 2018:

Sterte Avenue West: a new signalised junction was put in place, allowing traffic to turn right onto Holes Bay A350 without using the Hunger Hill junction. A new pedestrian crossing was also provided across Holes Bay Road. 

Marston Road: Allowed effective circulation of traffic between West Street and West Quay Road, designed into its original construction in 2011.

Phase 2- 2018-2020:

Hunger Hill junction: Improve the efficiency of the junction, also with more direct and safer crossings for pedestrians and cyclists. The direction of traffic will also be changing on West Street (towards the bridges only) and West Quay Road (towards Hunger Hill only). 

Phase 3- 2018-2020:

Hunger Hill to Poole Bridge: completing the links for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

You can read the full 2015 Townside planning document on the BCP website.

If you have questions about the programme, call 01202 262000 or email 

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