HEALTH: Cosy Club Bournemouth combat loneliness

The new ‘Free Teas For Those in Need’ initiative will give those feeling lonely a chance to connect and chat to new people.

The scheme will launch on Wednesday 3rd July in partnership with charity Independent Age, with the aim to combat loneliness across the UK.

Free Teas For Those in Need will take place at the restaurant every Wednesday between 10am and 11am.  

With almost a fifth of the population often feeling lonely (Campaign to End Lonliness,2019) and 1.9 million older people often feeling ignored or invisible (Age UK 2019), the scheme offers a friendly meeting place where local communities can pop in to enjoy a free cup of tea and a catch up.

As well as serving up plenty of tea, there will also be cake, board games and friendly staff on hand for a chat.

Amber Wood, Managing Director of Cosy Club said: “Loneliness isn’t an issue that affects just one group of people in our society, it can affect everyone of all ages and abilities across the country, with sometimes devastating impact.

“There is no catch to Free Teas For Those In Need, we just believe that it’s a nice thing to do in our community, and hope that everyone passes this on to someone they know or family members who may benefit from meeting new people, and a good cup of tea of course!”

Lucy Harmer, Director of Services at Independent Age, also commented on the initiative. 

She said: “It will help bring communities together and, on a practical level, will provide our volunteers and the older people we help with a safe, neutral place to meet.

“Hopefully it will also help to encourage people of all ages to mix more, with new mums drinking tea alongside older people, and help them realise they have more in common than they think.”

If you know someone who could benefit from a good cuppa and meeting new people, spread the word and head to the Cosy Club Bournemouth every Wednesday at 10am. 

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