LEISURE: Superheroes coming to Camp Bestival


Dorset Community Foundation and local artist Stuart Semple are teaming up to pay tribute to our everyday ‘superheroes’ at Camp Bestival.

Dorset Community Foundation are a local charity who work to raise funds for individuals, families and organisations most in need, helping to achieve their charitable goals.

Over the last 17 years they have supported smaller local charities and community groups run by ‘superhero’ volunteers. These volunteers make a huge impact in improving the quality of life and opportunities for less fortunate Dorset residents.

The theme of their stand at Camp Bestival family festival, 25th-28th July, is ‘Stuart Semple’s Superheroes’. This pays tribute to the everyday superheroes in our lives such as parents, friends and even pets!

Stuart Semple is an internationally recognised local artist who has been honoured by the UN with a Happiness Hero medal, in recognition for his ‘HappyCloud’ performance from Tate Modern in London. He finds joy in bringing people together through art.

He is also the founder of Culture Hustle, the world’s fastest growing art materials brand. Stuart will be attending the festival and will be running some of the sessions on Saturday 28th July.

He said: “I’m very excited to be involved in this initiative which will inspire kids to recognise and reflect on the superheroes in their lives and also raise donations for Dorset Community Foundation.”

There will be plenty of activities available at their stand, located in Field 2. Activities will include superhero magic board writing and medal and mask making sessions. Stuart’s limited edition ‘reddest red’ powder paint will also be available at the stand.

The money raised from the activities and the powder paint will support Dorset Community Foundation.

For more information on the work of the charity, visit www.dorsetcommunityfoundation.org 

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