LOCAL NEWS: Help Wildlife Trust ‘Get Dorset Buzzing’


Dorset Wildlife Trust is trying to Get Dorset Buzzing this summer.

Britain’s bees have been the victim of long-term decline since the 1980s due to rises in industrial farming and habitat loss.

Numerous national strategies have attempted to send pollinators number trending upwards; they are proving fairly successful thus far with short-term bee numbers stabilising.

Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) has introduced its new scheme this summer ‘Get Dorset Buzzing’ to raise awareness of the role that pollinators play in every day life.

Sally Cooper, corporate development officer at Dorset Wildlife Trust, commented: “Our ‘Get Dorset Buzzing’ campaign aims to raise awareness about the plight of pollinators and what people can do to save them.

“We hope to encourage gardeners to think about creating a haven for wildlife.

“Even making the smallest of changes can help – including choosing planets that pollinators prefer, developing a ‘bug hotel’ or ensuring bird feeders are topped up.”

Get involved

To Get Dorset Buzzing DWT has taken their show on the road, stopping at Haskins Garden Centre in Ferndown on July 3.

Alongside a load of Facebook Live events there will be interviews with staff on how to create a positive environment in your garden.

There will be family games including:

  • Pollinator Wheel of Fortune – spin the wheel and select a pollinator themed conversation starter
  • Face in the Hole – take a photo with our big board – tag @HaskinsGarden, @DorsetWildlife and #GetDorsetBuzzing
  • Buzz wire game – take part in this operation-style game

Lisa Looker, brand director at Haskins commented: “We’re excited to support Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Roadshow and look forward to welcoming them to Haskins.

“By hosting events like this, we hope to remind people that as well as creating a haven for wildlife, gardening can really help you combat stress and help you cope with the pressures of modern society.”

If you want to get involved but can’t attend, follow DWT on Facebook.

For more information on the campaign visit Dorset Wildlife Trust’s website.


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