LOCAL NEWS: Council dispel claims of Bournemouth Air Festival 2020 being axed


BH Living reported recently that plans were being discussed to cancel the 2020 Air Festival.

Two councillors within BCP Council had reported to us that discussions were already taking place to shelve the festival and that this years Air Festival is likely to be the final one for the forseeable future.

BH Living approached the Leader of BCP for comment, but we didn’t receive any response to confirm or deny the allegations.

On balance, in the interests of our readers we decided to publish the story.

BCP Council have since released a response saying that these reports are untrue and plans have not been ‘shelved’ for next year’s festival.

The councillors who originally raised the concerns with us claim it’s been a council U-Turn, but this seems doubtful given the council’s latest statement that ‘any claims about the Airshow being axed are pure fabrication’

The confirmation from the council that next year’s show is going ahead will be welcome news to local businesses and residents who can continue to look forward to the annual festival which draws in millions of visitors to the local area and we’re pleased to set the record straight.



  1. Captain Peter Brown on

    An Airbus A380 can hold 315,292 litres of Jet A-1 and there are at any one time approximately 10,000 aircraft in the air. So whilst any little helps as they say, I am not sure that in the scheme of things 110,000 litres of fuel once a year is going to make much difference.

  2. I note in the printed article that the Air Show uses 110000 litres of Jet Fuel.
    That is tiny; when I was flying Boeing 747s we would use, on the longest flights, for example Singapore London, a 13/14 hours flight about 140000kg, far more than the fuel used by the Air Show.

    • The Air Festival is a great crowd puller but I don’t see how it can sit comfortably with the declaration of a climate emergency, regardless of whether it uses less fuel than a single flight from London to Singapore. The fact is that we have to change our behaviour and save the planet – even the smallest change can make a difference, after all a dripping tap can fill a bucket! I’d like to see us doing something akin to the Edinburgh Festival, as an expansion to the existing Arts by the Sea Festival. In a town with an Arts University, surely we could capitalise on that and include more of the digital media which we are also known for.

  3. The air festival is all about pollution – air pollution, noise pollution – and it sends the wrong message to all and sundry about the need to protect the environment….

    It must be scrapped….


    With all the trade the air show brings in, if they did cancel it they would be completed stupid!! It is a great event and crowd puller, although this years won’t have the Red Arrows which could reduce the crowds a bit.

  5. George Perry on

    BCP fix Bournemouth pier it is a icon of Bournemouth for many years and many local people and holiday people would like to see the pier in its full glory again daytime and nighttime with the lights on do a on line petition

    • Daniel Campbell on

      Alas! Bournemouth Pier no longer has any facilities for pleasure steamers to dock and pickup/set down passengers. Forgive me but I thought one of the principal functions of a pier was to accommodate these type of boats. Think of all the wonderful places to which pleasure boats used to saiI: The Solent, Isle of Wight, Poole Quay, Jurassic Coast, Lulworth Cove, Weymouth. I read in the local press that the landing stages are now not fit for purpose – in other words they need major repairs. Come on BCP Council – GET ON AND FIX IT!

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