LOCAL NEWS: Is summer finally here?


Bored of the cool and wet weather we’ve had so far this June? You might in luck with temperatures set to rise next week.

Parts of Western Europe could potentially reach near record June temperatures next week.

Due to low pressure in the UK towards the end of this week the Met Office is predicting heavy rain and thunderstorms; however once they clear warm weather is on its way.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, Laura Ellam, said: “High pressure will bring a brief spell of warmer, drier and sunnier weather this weekend. 

“However, as low pressure re-establishes later on Sunday, we’re going to see a return to the heavy rain and thunderstorms we’ve seen so far this June. 

“Rather than the recent cooler conditions, it’s going to feel much warmer and humid.”

“Whilst it will feel warmer for everyone in the UK next week, parts of southern and eastern England will see the hottest weather with temperatures here into the high 20s Celsius, possibly exceeding 30 Celsius at the peak of the heat by Wednesday or Thursday.”

With there being a risk of thunderstorms be sure to keep an eye on the weather.

Staying safe in the sun

If we do end up getting sun next week it’s important to stay safe, here are our best tips:

  • Wear protective clothing – if possible wear longer trousers and shirts, and be sure to wear a hat to protect your head and face. Sunglasses are the same, they help protect against UV rays.
  • Use factor 30, or more, sunscreen – although you shouldn’t rely on this to protect you it is an important weapon against the sun. However, this does not mean that you can spend longer in the sun.
  • Stay in the shade between 11am and 3pm – this is when the sun is at its highest, so be sure to protect yourself and stay in the shade if possible.
  • Protect your moles – NHS advice says that those with a lot of moles/ freckles are at a higher risk of contracting skin cancer so take extra care by following NHS advice.

NHS advice can be found here.


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