LOCAL NEWS: Dorset Moon landing soon


50 years after the moon landing Dorset will celebrate by hosting Museum of the Moon.

Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon has travelled around the world, being seen by thousands.

The programme of free lunar events will be heading to each of Bournemouth, Sherborne and Weymouth for a weekend between 28 June and 14 July.

Museum of the Moon’s main attraction is a 7 metre diameter spherical sculpture of the moon which features 120dpi NASA imagery.

Jerram’s moon is built on a 1:500,000 scale, each centimetre of the internally lit sculpture represents 5km of the moon.

There will be surround sound audio crafted by BAFTA-winning Dan Jones.

This event is expected to be a boon for local businesses; there are hopes that visitor numbers will be similar to those when Dippy the Dinosaur visited the area.

For more information on Dorset Moon visit the website.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event more details can be found here.


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