LOCAL NEWS: Save the planet – refill your bottle


What will you be doing this National Refill Day on Wednesday, June 19?

BCP Council is promoting Water UK’s National Refill Day, in an attempt to raise awareness of the amount of plastic wasted on bottles.

Not only do you save the planet by using a reusable bottle but you can also save money in the long-term.

If you pay 60p for a bottle of water five times a week that is £3 a week, buying a reusable bottle for £15 and refilling it at one of the many free refill stations will see you saving money by the sixth week.

If one in ten people in the UK just refilled once a day then we would save more than 340 million plastic bottles.

One plastic bottle can last around 500 years and will never truly go away, instead breaking down into microplastics – this then comes back into the food chain through fish.

If you want to get involved, or just want to know more visit Water UK.


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