LOCAL NEWS: BCP Council launches Poole grab bag scheme


What do you do with your rubbish if your skip is overflowing? Grab bag.

BCP Council has launched their new grab bag service in Poole, the idea is that households can now dispose of waste that is either not enough to justify a skip or is overflow from a skip.

In order to use the service you first have to buy a bag from the Council, fill it and then pay again when you want them to collect it – they will then dispose of it safely.

To make collection easier for the Council, the 90cm x 90cm x 90cm bag must be placed no more than 4 metres from the highway and with no overhead obstructions. 

The scheme is designed to accommodate garden waste and general mixed waste.

For a full list of what can be collected check the Council’s list here.

If you wish to buy a bag you can contact the Council on 01202 261709.


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