LOCAL NEWS: New recycling initiatives in BCP


BCP Council is working alongside a number of local businesses to help improve its recycling rates.

In 2015, Bournemouth Council said it was beating EU figures with regards to recycling, however its own rate of recycled product had dropped 3% from the rate it was at in 2009 – from 50% to 47%.

Disposing of your crisp packets

Across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch there will be Win on Waste events where you can recycle used crisp packets, you simply take your crisp packets to the depot and deposit them into the bin, Ideas2Action will then pass on the packets to TerraCycle.

This scheme comes after Walkers partnered with TerraCycle to make their crisp packets easier to recycle. 

Repair cafe

One of the best skills to have is the ability to repair items that have broken; this means that not only do you spend less but you also don’t need to purchase any new items.

To help with this Bournemouth Library now hosts regular Repair Cafes, where you can get help repairing your broken stuff and have a cup of tea and cake.

Body Shop in-store recycling

Local businesses are even getting involved, the Body Shop has brought back in store packaging recycling.

Body Shop sell a few things that are not yet recyclable for residents in the BCP area, so you simply take them back to the shop and put them in the recycling bin and they will dispose of them in a safe and sustainable way.

All of these local initiatives are sure to help improve BCP’s recycling rate so go along and get involved! 

What would you like to see done in the local area to make BCP more sustainable? – let us know in the comments.


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