LOCAL NEWS: Fire and Rescue launch CHARLIE campaign


This Carers’ Week – between 10-16 June – Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue is launching its ‘Do you know a CHARLIE’ campaign.

DWFaR saythat 6.5m people in the UK are currently caring unpaid for a family member or friend, they are offering free Safe & Well checks to these people to help identify those most at risk of fire.

The team behind the campaign will be handing out prompt cards to people who visit vulnerable people in their homes: care workers, GP practices etc.

To be a CHARLIE someone must meet at least one of these criteria:

  • Care and support needs
  • Hoarding/ mental health issues
  • Alcohol and medication use
  • Reduced mobility
  • Lives alone
  • Inappropriate smoking
  • Elderly – 65+

Safe & Well Manager Vikki Thomas said: “We know from our data that at least one of the CHARLIE factors comes into play in almost all of our fatal fires.

“We have specialist Safe & Well Advisors who can visit the home, provide advice and, wherever possible, introduce safeguards to reduce the risk of fire.

“However, we also know that the most vulnerable people often don’t see themselves in that way, which is why we need the help of carers to contact us and make a referral.”

“Anyone who needs care support is particularly vulnerable to the dangers of fire, for a variety of reasons.

“They may not be able to respond to a fire as quickly, they may not be able to escape a fire, they may be more at risk due to lifestyle factors, or they may use healthcare equipment or medicines which carry a fire risk, such as oxygen or emollient creams.

“A Safe & Well visit can identify the risks and reduce them as much as possible.”

For more advice on what to do if you know a CHARLIE, visit the website here.



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