LOCAL NEWS: Shattering the myths around ‘Independent Retirement Living’


Moving into a retirement home is often a step many elderly people are reluctant to take; some see it as surrendering their final bit of freedom, but is this a misconception?

It can often be a necessity, with many requiring more support to live a comfortable life but for others it is a lifestyle choice.

For these people it’s seen as a way to avoid the hassle of doing the cooking or weeding the garden and also of meeting new people in a social environment whilst also having your own living area.

Esprit outsidePlatinum Skies argue that moving into a retirement home is a lifestyle choice that many take just to remove the burden of menial tasks from their list of chores leaving them more time to enjoy life; with this in mind they are building a new 55-apartment retirement complex, Espirit, on Poole High Street.

Chief Operating Officer of Platinum Skies, David Hines told Location: “Older people hesitate to move into retirement communities because it can feel as though they are surrendering their lifestyle rather than enhancing it in their later years. We believe maintaining control and independence is important to everyone, regardless of age. We aim to create an environment that feels less like retirement and more of a lifestyle choice.”

Esprit’s own impressive facilities even include an on-site bistro, adjoining the communal private lounge, an area perfect for meals and after dinner drinks. Friends and family wishing to stay overnight can be booked into one of the self-contained guest suites, creating a comfortable and stress-free home environment for residents and visitors alike.

Airy KitchenEach of Esprit’s one and two-bedroom apartments have been carefully designed with resident independence at the forefront. The open-plan homes are flooded with natural light and the kitchens and bathrooms have all been equipped with the latest in low-maintenance, energy efficient technology. Balconies in the higher apartments offer sweeping views of the Dorset countryside and the harbour, where another British pioneer, Sunseeker, have built their game changing yachts for decades.

As with all Platinum Skies homes, there is an on-site ‘lifestyle manager’ who’s job is to help build a dynamic community, as well as offering support to each of the residents. Platinum Skies are committed to long-term partnerships with their buyers, whatever support or care may be required.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, Platinum Skies are rewriting the rule book as far Independent Retirement Living is concerned. Platinum Skies claim their latest development is aimed ‘squarely at those over-55 who are fed-up with the usual isolated locations and high costs of average retirement developments’.

If you would like more information on Platinum Skies’ new homes contact them on 01202 471461, getintouch@platinumskies.co.uk or visit their website.


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