LEISURE: Dreamboys captivate Pavilion


The last time I remember seeing the Dreamboys was around 2005, when they were a standard strip act with a drag queen. That time they were in a nightclub. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the show at the Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth on Sat 1st June 2019.

This was completely different from what I had seen before and they have totally changed their act, it was more classy as a stage show with scenes and costumes linking together throughout the show, from military, to painters, decorators and cowboys.

My favourite part was a restaurant scene where a young girl from the audience was chosen to sit at the table with her “date” who was a nicely dressed dream boy, whilst being wooed by the rest of the cast who were dressed as waiters. This created humour whilst still in keeping with the style of the show.

From start to finish this was a professional show with great dancing, the lighting and music really did this show justice. The audience seemed engaged and very excited right from the onset when the boys came on stage, and throughout the show. There were a few times the Dreamboys came through the audience to dance or sit next to people which caused much of a stir. They had several women wanting to be picked.

The audience was mostly ladies but there were also a few men who equally seemed to be having a great time to. I noticed quite a few hen parties and the Dreamboys seemed to pick most of the “brides to be” to go on stage and sit whilst they gyrated and danced around them. 

Everybody seemed to leave the show on a high and the Dreamboys didn’t disappoint, offering to stay around so photos could be taken with them. I would definitely recommend this show for a good nights of frolics, sexy men, muscles and fantastic dancing.


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