Unity Alliance takes overall control of BCP Council


Following last night’s inaugural Full Council meeting, BCP Council is run by the Unity Alliance, a majority administration comprising Liberal Democrats, Christchurch Independents, Poole People, Labour, other Independents, Green and Alliance for Local Living councillors.  The Unity Alliance is made up of 40 Councillors.

The Conservative group is the largest single group in the new authority but having won 36 seats this left them just short of a working majority.

Cllr Vikki Slade – Photo BCP Council

During the meeting Cllr Slade was voted in as leader of the council, Cllr Slade told members “residents deserve more of a say in what we do, they should expect to understand why we do things and they are entitled to the highest standards from all of us.” Cllr Slade went on to say “priorities will include harmonising services and council tax quickly and fairly, local planning and sovereignty, homelessness, housing and climate change”



Cllr David Flagg – Photo BCP Council

The Chairman of the Council is Cllr David Flagg and the Vice-Chairman Cllr George Farquhar. Assisted by the Vice-Chairman, the Chairman performs a civic role on behalf of the Council, and is responsible presiding over meetings of the Full Council.

Cllr George Farquhar – Photo BCP Council

The first ever meeting of the BCP Council was held at Bournemouth University in one of the lecture halls. Despite the area having three Council chambers the largest, Bournemouth, can still only hold 70 members and with 76 members even that chamber is currently too small.

The full make up of the cabinet comprises of ten Councillors and each member of cabinet along with their portfolio is shown below:

  • Leader – Cllr Vikki Slade (LD)
  • Finance – Cllr David Brown (LD)
  • Children and Families – Cllr Sandra Moore (LD)
  • Regeneration and Culture – Cllr Mark Howell (PP)
  • Housing – Cllr Kieron Wilson (Ind)
  • Strategic Planning – Cllr Margaret Phipps (CI)
  • Transport and Infrastructure – Cllr Andy Hadley (PP)
  • Climate Change and Environment – Cllr Felicity Rice (All Ind)
  • Adult Social Care and Health – Cllr Lesley Dedman (CI)
  • Tourism, Leisure and Communities – Cllr Lewis Allison (Lab)


LD = Liberal Democrat 

PP = Party for Poole People

Ind = Independent 

All Ind = Alliance for Local Living/Independent 

Lab = Labour

CI = Christchurch Independent  


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  1. I do wonder how long this ‘Unity Alliance’ will stay unified, time will tell but I do think the Independents threw away what power they had gained when the formed an alliance with any party.

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