BCP Elections: Low poll turnout figures anticipated as shocks forecast


As Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole get ready for the results of yesterday’s local BCP elections, many are predicting surprise results in some local wards as the shockwaves from Westminster’s Brexit impasse are felt locally.

Privately, the local Conservatives are bracing themselves for losses saying that many local electors have been disillusioned with the Brexit stalemate at Westminster and are casting their votes based on this. Other voters have been unhappy with the local council merger and are blaming the sitting councillors for allowing it to happen without, what they see, as proper consultation with residents.

Independents are set to make gains in all areas as a result, with one Independent, who didn’t wish to be named, predicting that the conservatives could lose their majority in the BCP region.

Nationally, the picture has been one of a changing landscape with the Liberal Democrats appearing to be the biggest winners so far and the Conservatives the biggest losers. Labour however has not performed as well as expected but have made gains in several councils across the UK.

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