POOLE TOWN: L-J Evans – Poole People


Hi, my name is L-J Evans and I have lived and worked in Poole for the past 14 years. I previously grew up in South Dorset, so love this area and can’t imagine why anyone would choose to live anywhere else.

I am a local GP, mainly working for the Out of Hours (Urgent Care) Service, so have seen first hand how Health and Social Care need to come together for the benefit of everyone. I am also passionate about the environment and how this affects people’s health and well-being.

I have chosen to stand as an Independent Councillor as I really feel it is time for a change, especially with opportunity for a fresh start created by the merger. I don’t think “party politics” have any place in local Government and I want to ensure that the voices of Poole residents are heard within the new BCP Council.

Please look for the “anchor” on the ballot paper and give us your vote this Thursday – thank you.


Ms L-J Evans
Poole People Candidate for Poole Town Ward


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