MUSCLIFF & STROUDEN PARK: Kieron Wilson – Independent


My name is Kieron Wilson, 24, I’m currently the youngest Councillor in Bournemouth, I’m independent, and for the last year and a half I’ve spoken out for the residents of Throop and Muscliff when things haven’t been going well! I was the only councillor to vote against rising your Council Tax, I have stopped unfair rent rises and dealt with cases of anti-social behaviour. But there is certainly more I could have done, but it’s been difficult with the opposition around me. That’s why I’ve asked Lisa Northover to stand with me, she’s brilliant, intelligent, compassionate but most importantly I trust her with my life, and that is really rare in politics. We don’t necessarily agree on every issue, but she has the right values and character, as well as experience to help me learn and to help you as a resident get results. Previously a Lib Dem councillor in Boscombe West between 2007-11 she improved the lives of so many residents, being particularly handy with housing issues. Together we make a great team and I’m really excited at the prospect of working alongside her.

Cheers Kieron


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  1. Afraid anyone “moving parties” this late in the day many consider just trying to save their own jobs. I notice many “independents “ this time around are still actually on the councillors list as conservatives! So by process of elimination that leaves just one true independent: Kieron Wilson. I have given up on UKIP ever accomplishing anything bar stupid headlines in the news. Most definitely I will not be voting for any of the established parties who have consecutively decimated this area for ever more housing and other taxation.

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