TALBOT & BRANKSOME WOODS: Lynda Price – Independent


Lynda  Price Independent Candidate for Talbot & Branksome Woods.

My  aspirations are as follows, for the new BCP Council.
T&BW Ward is a large and diffuse Ward. I have “worked” it for 14 years and can appreciate what residents will expect from me as their Councillor.

The Ward is home to Bournemouth University and the Arts University. Both have ambitious development plans, and there is a proposal for a digital village in the recently approved
Poole Local Plan.

Careful planning to take into account the concerns of adjoining residents is needed, and that is why I shall be seeking a position on the Council’s important Universities Liaison committee involving also the Talbot Village Trust.

Part of the Ward is also a Conservation Area, and I shall continue my efforts to preserve and enhance its character and appearance in the context of planning applications. Other areas of amenity value must also not be neglected!

On the eastern side of the Ward we have social housing, and houses in multiple occupation, and the tenants here also have concerns that must be attended to.

It is great to have the Stokewood Road Leisure Centre in the Ward, and we have over the years given our backing to various opportunities for young people.

Finally, I have always liaised closely with the Police over various issues including crime prevention, the problems created by street begging, and car parking. I shall make a point of continuing this line of communication.
I look forward eagerly to serving you as one of your Councillors on the new BCP Council!

Lynda Price


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