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I’m Andy Hadley, I am one of two existing Councillors for Poole People, and standing for re-election in Poole Town Ward. I have worked in Poole for about 30 years, mostly at the Hospital, and am passionate about our lovely town, its history, the harbour and the countryside around us. In an independent local party, I can vote with my conscience and for the people in my Ward without having to toe a party line, and we have attempted to hold the council to account on topics like Toilet closures, successfully getting the Baiter one reopened, on the Hospital changes, charges in local car parks, and on the merger, which we opposed.

We have to make the most of the new BCP council, and I will be keen to work with other independent voices across the area. I will work hard to highlight improvements to the dire transport infrastructure, and to ensure that Poole is not sidelined, but also to limit over-development of the town centre. We have the history, and an artistic and industrial heritage, and we need to make the most of developing that, and limit the building of second homes, often lying empty.

I’ve strongly supported a bid to get funding to regenerate Poole High Street, and harangued the council about the Townside Gyratory system, which seems built to be bad for all users – walking, cycling, motoring and residents. We all need to engage more with what is happening to our town, and we need people to get out and vote on May 2nd. You can make a difference.



  1. Charlie Squires on

    Just to say there are currently 3 Poole People Councillors – goes to show they don’t even know who their own people are, so how could they represent their ward residents properly? The fact is they haven’t been doing anything!

    • andy hadley on

      Thanks Charlie, we have 2 existing Councillors in Poole Town ward, which was part of answering the question, and also one in Hamworthy. The structure of the Council means that much of what we’ve done has been to try and limit the damage caused by the Conservatives to the local area, By the time you are old enough to vote, perhaps you will appreciate the costs of the merger, hospital reorganisation, and many other erosions on public and communal life locally, much being a consequence of national Tory Austerity policies. We are also very diligent ward councillors for the problems individuals have.

  2. All the very best of luck in your campaign Andy, although we do not agree on somethings, I have always known you to be a diligent councillor who has the best interest of Poole residents at heart.

    • Andy Hadley on

      Thanks Marty, same to you. From talking to people it’s going to be an interesting week, quite a few people in wards where they are frustrated at their limited choices.

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