HAMWORTHY: Daniel Butt – Poole People


Dear Editor

My name is Daniel Butt and l am standing as a Candidate for Poole People in Hamworthy, look for the Anchor logo!

I am 32, l was born in Poole and l grew up in Creekmoor, moving to live in Hamworthy 10 years ago. I work in Creekmoor in the Telematics Industry as a vehicle tracking technician. Due to the extremely high prices of housing in Poole despite low interest rates, my mortgage owns me!

I have seen Hamworthy grow over the years and as a younger person, l can see the absolute need for vital community infrastructure to keep pace with the ambitious proposed developments, eg provision of doctors and dentists surgeries, a basic need for everyone. I am determined to do everything possible within the new BCP Council to see that this is achieved in Hamworthy.

As a younger person l am increasingly concerned about our environment. l want us to increase our ambition for recycling, using renewable energies and introducing effective and safe collection of household food waste.

The Port of Poole has ambitious plans to expand business and tourism. This golden opportunity to increase Hamworthy’s prosperity must be embraced, with Hamworthy residents directly benefitting!

As l struggle to pay my mortgage l am painfully aware that most young people have little or no chance of ever owning or being able to rent quality affordable housing. There must be more truly affordable, quality social rented housing, provided for local people in all future developments in Hamworthy.

As a young Independent candidate I can and l will speak candidly on all the issues that are or important to the people of Hamworthy. I will not be shackled by any political party’s rules and regulations, thus allowing me to speak and act freely.

Therefore whatever the outcome of the May 2nd Elections l will work with everybody regardless of party affiliation for the common good of Hamworthy residents, first and foremost and for the greater good.

Candidate Daniel Butt – Hamworthy

Standing with established local Cllr Julie Bagwell,                                                                  

Working with the community, for the community!



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