CREEKMOOR: Steven Hayes – Conservative


Dear Editor

My name is Steve Hayes and l am standing as a Candidate for the Conservatives for Creekmoor. I consider myself a ‘One Nation Conservative’. I do not come from what people might consider a traditional ‘Tory’ background.

I was brought up on a Council Estate and from the age of 10 a single parent household. I have never forgotten that having the benefit of that stable, secure, well managed and maintained truly affordable home was the stable bed rock enabling me to make the most of life’s chances. That opportunity is currently denied to millions of people living in expensive, insecure private rented tenancies who are currently subject to 2 month no fault eviction.

I was a Police Officer for a while though decided that was not for me. I moved to work at the Reception desk of the Council Housing Department on the estate I was brought up on. From there I studied through day release for 6 years to become professionally qualified. I have worked in Social Housing for 35 years including a period helping a cross community Housing Association in Northern Ireland.

I have lived in Poole for the last 26 years, for the last 10 years working as the Chief Executive of a small Poole based Housing Association with charitable status. I have taken the organisation through 3 mergers in 4 years and so am aware of the perils, pitfalls and opportunities that change can bring. I never accept ‘that is the way we have always done it’ as I consider that to be the easy lazy-option trap, to fall into!

I have for the past 24 years volunteered and helped run a not for profit Sci Fi Convention which prides itself on being inclusive to all and raises £1000’s each year for Teenage Cancer Trust.

I decided that after 40 years contributing to a work pension and with the start of the New BCP Council to stand for election for the first time. I will take early retirement if I am elected and then devote my time, energy and experience in serving the Community of Creekmoor and strive to make the new BCP Council the best it can be for the wider new conurbation of Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole.

If I had a magic wand and there was one thing I could change and which is subject to Central Government consultation at present. It would be to strip away Social Care from Councils add it into the NHS, fund it through national taxation so as not to swallow up well over 70% of Council Tax. Then deliver Social Care along with joined up Health Care locally. I believe that would be more cost effective, efficient and serve all the community better. It would free the Council to concentrate on other matters such as Housing, Transport, Bins, Parks, Education and the Environment etc.

Candidate Steven (Steve) Hayes – Creekmoor incorporating Hillbourne & Waterloo

Standing with my running mate and established local Cllr Judy Butt.

Together we are Creekmoor!’


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