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Dear Editor

My name is Judy (Judes) Butt and l am standing as a Candidate for the Conservatives for Creekmoor. I’ve lived here for over 40 years, serving as a Cllr for Creekmoor for the last 20 years.

As an experienced and assertive Cllr I have a long established reputation for listening to my residents, discovering their issues and then acting for them, getting real results! I am definitely not known for my silent, gentle approach regarding issues and matters which are of pivotal importance to my residents. There is often the need to step outside the box and speak candidly and honestly in order to seek to change entrenched mindsets, to find suitable answers to more controversial issues This isn’t done because it is easy, it’s done because it is the right thing to do and my residents deserve nothing less!

You may remember that there have been many huge challenges and successes over the years in Creekmoor; Securing funding for a brand new school in Hillbourne after considerable efforts, over a protracted period, and now there are to be over 100 social rented houses to be built in the ward, this is only achievable with the support and understanding of the local community.

We have together faced on a regular basis the incredibly sensitive Traveller issues which still continue. The proposed Travellers Transit site, which in 2014 was deemed not to be a suitable site by planning committee is now to be a superb Service Station with many facilities and local job opportunities, the land sold by the Council for £450k, the work started on site this April!

There is also the constant casework in the ward. Holding regular well attended local surgeries to enable residents to speak freely and openly about matters that concern them, eg, Millfield Pond flooding this April, dealt with in less than a week after being raised at surgery by a resident. Under the new BCP Council, we will also be seeking to find a permanent suitable use for the Park & Ride, a previous Liberal Democrat Administration legacy.

l will keep the community vibrant and growing by supporting local community hubs to enhance and increase the quality of people’s lives, eg, attracting a £95k grant enabling our local Church community hub ‘Room to Grow’ building extension project, to start this April!

As well as the essential duty to represent Creekmoor, there is also the more onerous duty of knowing how to make the new Bournemouth Christchuch and Poole (BCP) Council work for my residents. As a past Mayor, Portfolio holder for Public Engagement and Chair of many Council Committees l fully understand how to make the Council work for my residents and the wider conurbation, it is essential to provide equity of services. This is of great importance on this occasion as we look to embrace a brand new Council, the 3rd largest by population in the SW. I shall be working cross party to ensure that the very best ideas are taken forward, to find fresh innovative ways of working together, to meet all the many challenges we will undoubtedly face together.

Judy (Judes) Butt – Creekmoor Incorporating Hillbourne & Waterloo

Standing with Steve Hayes, a super asset for the Creekmoor team.

Together we are Creekmoor!



  1. Bless your heart Marty. Stay focused, “ Enagement” is a tough call but if anyone can “engage” with residents then it’s you. Good luck to you.

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