BURTON & GRANGE: Brian Case – Conservatives


Dear Editor

Thank you for giving candidates across our three towns the opportunity to write directly to our electorate, it’s a very refreshing idea.

I would like to stress to the voters of Burton and Grange in Christchurch the importance of this election, anyone thinking this election can be used as a protest vote citing national issues from Westminster risk putting our historical towns future in grave jeopardy. Like my fellow candidates in Christchurch we are dedicated to putting Christchurch First in the new BCP Council.

I am one of the two official Conservative candidates in the ward of Burton and Grange, it’s a newly created ward so like many of the wards across the towns it has new ward boundaries and new names standing as your official Conservative candidates.

My top three objectives for Burton and Grange are:

  1. Continue to fight for a regular reliable bus service in Burton, if elected I will explore using council funding as part of its overall transport strategy to achieve this.
  2. Be fully engaged as part of a Conservative group in finding sustainable ways to reduce the total gridlock of traffic Burton and Christchurch regularly suffers from.
  3. Act on behalf of many of our residents, many of whom are suffering from debt which is then increasing the reliance on foodbanks, this is not acceptable in such a wealthy part of the country. In this election all of us voters have to be aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, it is essential that on 2 May Christchurch returns Conservative candidates to ensure the historical protection and future prosperity of our town.

    Brian Case





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