BOURNE VALLEY & ALDERNEY: Claire Crescent – Independent



I am Claire Crescent, standing in Alderney & Bourne Valley,

I am standing because I believe local politics should be representative of local people and needs a mixture of people with different skills & experiences to make decisions that meet the needs of residents.

I’m standing as Independent inspired by Flat Pack Democracy, which in other towns has successfully engaged residents in local decision making. I’m standing as an Independent as part of Alliance for Local Living, which uses values, whilst listening to residents to guide decision making,

Our Values are: Independence, Integrity, Positivity, Creativity, Respect, Diversity, Equality and Do no Harm

Being an Independent means I can make my own mind up about how I use my vote and I can work with others to get things done in the best interest of local people.

I’m an experienced community development worker, and believe that people know best what their communities need and want to hear form and work with residents & community groups.

I will campaign for:

  • Affordable & quality homes
  • Safe neighbourhoods for all
  • Quality education
  • Improved transport
  • Keeping Poole A&E and maternity units
  • Provision of help that children, families & the elderly need, when the need it.

You can contact me directly at or find more about me on Facebook- @ClaireCrescentALL.


You can find out more about ALL on our website






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