POOLE TOWN: Andy Proctor – Labour


Hello there, my name is Andy Proctor and I have lived in Poole for over 10 years, nine of those within Poole
Town ward. I am originally from the North East of England and I now work locally in banking. I am passionate about making the council work for all residents – not just those in the most affluent areas. Throughout the past few years, I have been a tireless campaigner against the closure of Poole A&E and the lack of public toilets. I’d like to ensure that the town centre is an enjoyable space to live, work and socialise for both local residents and tourists.

My top ten manifesto pledges when elected are;

 Continue to oppose the plans to move Poole A&E and maternity services to Bournemouth Hospital

 Encourage the building of 1000 truly affordable homes to rent or buy for local people

 Introduce new rights for tenants that will guarantee property standards, rents and longer tenancies

 Offer weekly food waste collections during the summer months

 Review the social care system and provide a minimum amount of free home care to all in need

 Improve pothole repairs and tackle congestion and traffic delays

 Widened the provision of public toilets

 Regenerate the high street for local residents and visitors, and offer rate relief to small businesses in the area

 Provide the under 25s with a free bus pass and improve youth services

 Support community policing and oppose any further cuts to the number of police stations, police officers and support staff

Kind regards

Andy Proctor

Vice Chair of Poole Labour Party

Poole Town ward Labour Candidate


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