MUDEFORD STANPIT & W HIGHCLIFFE: Ray Nottage – Conservative


Dear Editor,

I was elected as Conservative Councillor for Purewell and Stanpit in 2007, a year before the financial crash and huge crisis resulting in 13 years of fiscal miss- management by a Labour government.

For 12 years therefore I have battled to ensure that resident service is maintained despite cuts in government grants. That included initiating cost saving partnerships (DWP, East Dorset, Stour Valley revenues and benefits) and the successful ‘Going for Growth’ project as well as other initiatives designed to ‘get more for less’.

The demise of the two-tier council, where Dorset County Council (now abolished) supplied over 80% of the services, has driven the development of the single conurbation Council BCP.

Now is our chance to utilise the savings made from this local government reorganization to maintain and even enhance services to our communities.

The threat of further cuts to the service provided to the most vulnerable of our society, which currently absorbs over 60% of our budget, has been replaced by the opportunity to rationalise structures to ensure provision of exemplary service is maintained.

As Chairman of the BCP Shadow Authority I have had first hand experience of the alliances made which will bring co-ordination to issues such as transport and travel infra-structure, environment and pollution, coastal management and flooding dangers as well as refuse and recycling and street cleaning.

All of which will contribute to the well-being of ALL our communities.

I only see opportunities!

Councillor Ray Nottage

Councillor for Purewell and Stanpit

Candidate for Mudeford Stanpit and West Highcliffe.


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