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Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Julie Bagwell, I live on Turlin Moor, I am a councillor for Hamworthy at the moment.
My reason for being a councillor and running again, is to work for my residents.
Who I believe should have a voice in any council especially BCP.
I will be working with my residents, for my residents. If I get re-elected.
I truly love my job, helping people with housing, planning issues, and many more issues along the way.
We have such great community spirit here, so for me, working alongside community groups and individuals is a pleasure.

I also believe , that all councillors need to work together, to solve the issues for the conurbation, of which there will be many. Considering that there will be very little money left to work with, on roads, parks, bin collections etc, when a vast amount of money will need to be used on adult and children’s social care.
So in an ever changing world, we all need to work together for the better of all communities. In my opinion.

Kind regards



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  1. All the best of luck in your campaign Julie and I hope the residents of Hamworthy remember the hard work you have put in, in the past. If we are both elected I know full well we would have no problems working together for the betterment of those we represent.

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