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Dear BHLiving,

 As you know on May 2nd 2019 we have the local elections being held in Poole, as part of my own campaign I would like to send in the following letter, hopefully it will entice other candidates to do the same.

Dear Disgruntled Voters…

I am fully aware that with the fiasco of Brexit many people are currently despondent about the democratic process of voting and it is fully understandable that many think that voting is a waste of time, why bother, if they simply do not accept the results of the vote? However on May 2nd 2019, we have the local elections across the UK and here in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, it is imperative that people do go and vote to ensure we all get good representation on this new BCP Council. Otherwise, the same lot that sat back and allowed this combined authority plan to happen will be the ones who get re-elected and as the old saying goes, many a bad politician is elected by people who do not vote. So I urge people to vote and make sure that they look very closely at who they will be voting for on May 2nd to represent them in all 33 wards of the BCP region.

I am standing as a candidate in the Newtown & Heatherlands ward of Poole and due to my disability I will struggle to get round to every household in the ward and I certainly do not have the manpower nor funding to flood your letterbox with leaflets as some have already started doing but I will certainly try to speak to as many people as possible through various means of communication. However, if anyone has any direct questions they want answering, they can always me via my website

As I am applying for the job to represent you on this new BCP Council I would like to be interviewed by as many of you as possible and I am pleased to say that people are already messaging me on my Facebook campaign page ‘Marty Caine – Newtown & Heatherlands’ to ask me questions. Anyone else is more than welcome to do the same or simply contact me and arrange a time when it is convenient for you and I will call round to see you.

Please do not waste your vote because of the current shambles in parliament, local government is a separate thing altogether and we need to ensure we all get the right kind of representation by electing people who will stand up for you, rather than any particular party. I honestly cannot stress that point enough.

Best regards

Marty Caine
Newtown & Heatherlands Candidate for Engage

On a secondary note, something else that BHLiving may be interested in, I have serious concerns about Poole losing its unique identity because of this combined authority plan and to ensure that Poole’s identity and history is kept alive for future generations to come I have created a new social media hub specifically for the people of Poole. A place where people can share information and stories about Poole on a platform designed so people only follow things that are of interest to them. If successful it could provide a truly useful community hub for Poole that will be useful for so many different things.

You can find out more and register by visiting,

Best regards

Marty Caine

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  1. Vicky Spence on

    Marty is an amazing candidate who has a long standing passion for the area. He’s passionately involved with all aspects of local and national politics and would make a great councillor. He want’s what is best for the residents not his own pockets..

  2. Galina Horvat EU national who loves Poole on

    Although I am considering giving one of my votes to Marty I do have to ask the question as to why many of the candidates in all the towns in all parties say they will be doing their bit for their own town. With this merger, are we all not together now? should not a candidate in Poole be taking an interest to what is going on, for example in Bournemouth?

    • Firstly let me thank BHliving for actually giving candidates a chance to respond to questions like yours, unlike Bournemouth Echo who has published hardly anything about the local elections.

      In 2015 I started a petition to call for a local referendum on this combined authority plan because I know that it was being sold as a money saving idea but would result in increased council tax for us all in Poole, sadly it did not get enough signatures due to lack of support from the main parties in Poole. So I have always been against this merger and I do think it will eventually lead to the creation of ‘Bournemouth – The City by the Sea’ with Poole and Christchurch becoming forgotten towns, so yes I am of course pro-Poole and if I am successful in my election campaign defending the rights and services of Poole will be my first priority, especially for those who live in the Newtown and Heatherlands ward, who I will be representing on council.

      However, as BCP Council is now a done deal, I will certainly scrutinise things looking at it as a region and work with both Bournemouth & Christchurch councillors to ensure decisions are made fairly for all three towns. I think it is important for us all to work together to at least try to make it work as best we can. Should a situation arise where a decision is made for the right reason but may not be in the best interest of Poole, I will then do my utmost to explain to residents why it was the right decision. I think half the problem with all councils throughout the country is that things are not fully explained to residents and I believe that is something that needs to change. After all, everyone in public service is actually employed by the people, so our employers do have a right to know what is going on.

      Hence the name of the party I have started is called Engage, as I believe those in government, be it local or national, need to start engaging much better with the general public.

      I hope that answers your question and thank you for taking the time to ask me. I did intend on sending out a letter to all residents in the Newtown and Heatherlands Ward but unfortunately, after waiting three weeks for a response from Royal Mail, they informed me they could not do so until after May 20th, which is a bit late for an election on May 2nd. You can read the letter on my website at

      Best regards

      Marty Caine

    • Hi Galina,

      I am Vicky Spence also standing for Newtown & Heatherlands.

      I think the problem is Poole residents were not given a vote to become BCP, if we had then maybe we would be happier to partake. Christchurch had a vote and they said No.

      I feel we will not be listened to and Poole will lose it’s identity, we will be last in the pecking order.

      I don’t want my council tax paying for the fiasco’s of Bournemouth, it’s bad enough we have to pay for the broken lifting bridge all the time.

      Poole is our town.

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