TRAVEL: Bike share scheme coming to Bournemouth and Poole


The local councils have joined up with bike share operator Beryl to provide public bike hire across Bournemouth and Poole.

The scheme will be rolled out over the next few months, with around 1,000 bikes becoming available for instant hire via the Beryl App, which unlocks the bike and also tracks it through GPS.

Beryl Bays will begin popping up in key locations such as rail and bus stations, and the town centres from next month, starting with just 50 brand new bikes which feature three speed gears, a step through design, and adjustable handlebars and seats.

Flexibility in the scheme allows users to park in places other than the preferred bays, as long as they are within the scheme area, and the GPS tracking allows operators to re-balance where required.

Beryl started in 2012, then named Blaze, selling bicycle products, but now has years of experience in helping with bike shares across the world, including in Montreal and New York, and even runs two dockless schemes in London.

The aim is to make Bournemouth and Poole greener areas with less carbon emissions and congestion, and get more people, including tourists, riding on two wheels.

In the future, Bournemouth and Poole councils hope to introduce a fleet of electric bikes for hire, and potentially expanding this scheme into Christchurch.

For more information, visit the Beryl website here.

Main image by Beryl


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