LEISURE: Take your flight private with Wingly


Wingly offers the opportunity for passengers to match with private pilots with empty seats to enjoy the unique experience of flying in a private plane or even a helicopter.

Now you can enjoy the thrill of private aviation in an affordable way, allowing pilots to share their costs and passion for flying.

The start-up, Wingly, launched in 2015, and has flown with over 16,000 passengers since then, boasting a growing community of over 300,000 users. And now people have the opportunity to fly over their local area to see their house from the sky, see their town from a different perspective, or go to an exciting destination for a day-trip for many times cheaper than the cost of a single journey train ticket.

All pilots are verified by the company, and all flights are insured by Allianz. In addition, pilots and passengers leave reviews of one another after the flight so you can fly with trust.

image of the jurassic coast from above

Old Harry Rocks on The Jurassic Coast from above. Image by Wingly.

Many thrilling sightseeing and excursion flights are available from Bournemouth, as well as over 134 different places across the UK, with prices as low as £45.

Why not make some memories and see the Jurassic Coast from a unique view?

For more information, and to find a flight, visit their website here.

Main image by Wingly


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