BUSINESS: The Waterside Holiday Group goes green


In a bid to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and become a greener holiday park group, The Waterside Holiday Group has invested more than £135,000 to install solar panels throughout two of its parks.

The winter season saw a total of 165 panels installed at Waterside Holiday Park and Spa, and 282 at Chesil Vista Holiday Park. Combined, this gives an estimated yearly output of 125,867 kilowatt hours, enough to power 29 average homes.

This reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 81,024 kilograms per year, the same amount of power used to provide 14 homes with electricity for a year, or enough to charge a smartphone more than 10 million times.

Electric car charging points can also be found at The Waterside Holiday Park and Spa for holiday home owners and guests to use through the Pod Point Open Charge app, and the first hour per day is free of charge to owners from any of the Group’s three parks.

“Responsible and sustainable”

Justin Smith, aftersales and business compliance manager at The Waterside Holiday Group, commented: “It’s really important to us all at Waterside to make sure that we’re at the forefront of making sure our holiday parks are eco-friendly for current and future generations to enjoy. 

“These energy and electric vehicle infrastructure investments will help us to reduce running costs, and the impact of future energy price increases on the business.”

Miranda Jacobs, director of The Waterside Holiday Group, added: “Our aim is to be a responsible and sustainable operation, and one of the greenest in the industry. We will continue to look at ways to increase the efficiency and environmental credentials at each of our parks.”

Investments have also been made into encouraging its guests to recycle more within the holiday homes, and The Group have made it easier to do so. Homes for hire, and those sublet by owners, are provided with small recycling bins and clear bags, alongside an information card explaining to guests how to separate any waste and reduce the amount that goes to landfill.

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