Yellows Are Just The Ticket For Town Centre Rangers


Bournemouth Town Centre BID’s rangers are now able to get around for free – thanks to Yellow Buses.

The company has given the roving rangers travel passes enabling them to get to where they need to be. Clad in their colourful kit, the rangers are there to help and assist locals and tourists and deal with low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.

They operate in the Bournemouth Town Centre BID area between the St Paul’s and St Michael’s roundabouts and act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the town. The rangers are said to make the place ‘brighter’ – just as Yellow Buses do.

Fiona Harwood from the Yellows said: “Our staff know all about helping people in the town. “Our drivers and the staff in Bournemouth square and at our travel shop are always pleased to answer questions from the public. “So helping the rangers is a natural extension of our work and giving them travel passes just makes sense. “They do an extremely useful and important job making the town brighter, safer and welcoming.”

Bob Carter the Head Ranger said: “Our rangers have many roles including giving out travel information, details about events and information about shops, street locations and eateries.

“They monitor street trading, busking, charity vendors and street entertainment as well as getting involved with countering anti-social behaviour, helping other agencies, delivering first aid and generally helping the town work.

“Being able to get around on the buses will make a huge difference.”


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  1. I think the town Rangers are Brilliant and a welcome feature of Bournemouth town , wish others would follow
    this good idea, as we are in a changing world not always good .

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