From money saving guru to Spiritual Queen


We spoke to Dorchester based blogger and author, Emma Mumford, about her remarkable career so far.

Emma is best-known as the Spiritual Queen – a life coach & blogger, YouTuber, public speaker and, as of this year, published author.

While her content now focuses on all things ‘Law of Attraction’, she started her career as a money saving expert, with a website devoted to saving money with coupons.

We were curious to know what prompted this shift.

What initially drew you to creating more spiritual content?

As my whole brand had been built on money saving, it was hard to just suddenly talk about spirituality. It was a gradual process, as I started to move my blog and YouTube channel away from my couponing website. Once I had two clear brands, I felt more comfortable sharing what I felt passionate about, and luckily my followers loved the new content straight away.

Over time my personal brand took off massively and I felt called to sell my Extreme Couponing business and let someone else grow it in ways I couldn’t anymore.

“It was clear to me that I was never going to be in money-saving forever, and I think that’s the beauty of life – as we evolve so does our work.”

What is Law of Attraction?
Put simply, Law of Attraction is a philosophy that centres around the belief that we are able to attract what we want into our lives.

Emma says she was inspired to write her book while on holiday in August 2017. Of the writing process, she tells us:

“The book flowed really easily and that’s how I knew that this was what I was meant to be writing about.”

She was driven to share her own experiences of Law of Attraction to help “modernise a lot of the old concepts”. She felt that many of the books she’d read on the topic missed out a lot of the key tools and practises she now swears by.

What’s next?

After a busy 18 months, Emma is planning a quieter 2019. Time off, travel and her personal life are set to be her main focuses this year.

And, she says, her money saving days may not be completely behind her.

“I thought I was done with it forever, but I will always be the Coupon Queen at heart. I love getting a bargain and I know that will never change. I would never want to forget my roots, as I had so many happy memories creating my Extreme Couponing brand – I think my money work will now focus on different aspects.”

What about another book?

Watch this space!

More information

Emma’s debut book, Spiritual Queen, is now available to buy from Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble worldwide. She also has her own line of Law of Attraction merchandise.


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  1. The ‘Law of Attraction’, while containing a few nuggets of truth, is largely a gigantic con-trick that exploits the gullible, with the main benefactors being those who peddle this nonsense. Therefore I’m very disappointed that you are promoting this blogger with your article.

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