THE NEW CHRISTCHURCH TOWN COUNCIL – Many Christchurch residents unaware of the higher council tax bills to come


On 1 April 2019 the new BCP Unitary Authority Council (Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole) will be coming into existence meaning the current Borough Councils in all three towns will cease to exist.

The main idea behind the creation of the new BCP Authority is to deliver services more easily and cost effectively through our conurbation. However there is growing concern that many Christchurch residents are unaware of a new Town Council for Christchurch set to run in addition to the newly formed unitary authority, potentially costing Christchurch households an extra £25-£30 per year, with one source quoting a figure as much as £120 extra per year per dwelling. The final figure will be decided upon shortly.

A public consultation process had been undertaken by Christchurch Borough Council to gauge public opinion on Christchurch having it’s own Town Council. Based on the majority of the responses from the consultation, it has now been agreed that two new town councils will be formed, one called Christchurch Town Council and another called Highcliffe and Walkford Neighbourhood Council. Both created in addition to the current parish councils of Hurn and Burton.

The Christchurch Borough Council ‘Local governance review’ public consultation began on the 25 May 2018 and ran through until Midnight on Friday 20 July 2018. The Council told us that notices of the review were posted on the “Dorset for You” website as well as on the Council’s Social Media feeds. Our research showed that it was posted on the Dorset for You website on 28 May and posted on Twitter on 29 May, 12 June, 20 June, 4 July and 17 July, We found no notice of it on the councils Community Links – Christchurch and East Dorset Councils Facebook page and no evidence of any significant printed communications to make local residents aware.

With the formation of the new council now already decided, many residents have been left feeling excluded from the whole process. 

Less than 0.5% response to official council consultation

The official council figures state that they received 225 responses to their review. Taken as a percentage of the Christchurch Population of 47,800 residents (2011 census) the council based their decision to create two new town councils on the views of just 0.4% (less than half of one percent) of the population it represents.

In contrast, when the council were seeking the views of residents in the recent referendum to canvas opinion about the potential council merger, a paper with supporting information was sent to every home in Christchurch. It leaves many people asking why the council failed to properly inform and canvas opinion on their proposals to form a Town Council, especially as it is now costing local council tax payers more money to support it.

Cllr Lesley Dedman

Cllr Lesley Dedman

Despite, what some would deem as a low return of responses to the review, the creation of the two new town councils is seen by many as a benefit to the town and an additional layer of accountability to the new BCP council, particularly when it comes to planning, Cllr Lesley Dedman (Con – West Highcliffe) told us: “the benefit of having a Parish Council is that it is a body which has a statutory right to advise and be listened to by the superior council, which is especially important on matters like planning. Christchurch Borough Council was an independent planning authority, but that role will now be taken by the Unitary Council which will span Bournemouth and Poole as well as our area. It is going to be essential for the Councillors on the Unitary Planning Committee to inform their decisions on planning in Christchurch, Highcliffe, Hurn and Burton by guidance from the parish councillors. The new parishes will have a strong role to play in this and other local matters.’

Another area where many see the benefit is the retention of a local Mayor. Cllr Bernie Davis (Con – Purewell & Stanpit) said “A town council is needed for the Mayoralty and other historic civic duties to continue” However another councillor who didn’t wish to be named disputed this theory, citing Poole and Bournemouth who could both be retaining their mayor at very little extra cost to local tax payers.

Cllr Bernie Davis

Cllr Bernie Davis

Christchurch residents to pay more despite assurances

Addressing our concern that local tax payers will be paying more, despite an assurance that Christchurch Council Tax payers will see no increase for 7 years on their basic council tax, Cllr. Davis went on to say “The new town council WILL cost local ratepayers more in council tax by way of a further precept. This is despite the current council tax for Christchurch residents being ‘frozen’ for a period of 7 years in order that harmonisation with Bournemouth and Poole ratepayers takes place

The point regarding whether or not local council tax payers will pay more for a Town Council does undoubtedly raise concerns from many about why this extra cost doesn’t appear to be mentioned in any of the public consultation documents and does not feature in any of the questions asked during the Local Governance Review.

Were the questions in the consultation fair?

The questions asked both the proposed Christchurch Town Council and the proposed Highcliffe & Walkford neighbourhood council were:

  • (a) Should a new parish of Christchurch be created?
  • (b) Do you agree with the boundary of the new parish?
  • (c) Do you agree with the warding of the new parish?
  • (d) Do you agree with the style of the new parish being a Town Council?
  • (e) Do you agree with the overall number of councillors for the new parish?
  • (f) Do you agree with the number of councillors per ward for the new parish?
  • (g) Do you agree with the names of the parish wards?
  • (h) Do you agree with the name of the new parish council being ‘Christchurch Town Council’?

The question missing from the consultation and which has subsequently angered many Christchurch residents appears to be: “Are you happy to pay an additional precept on your council tax bill to pay for the new town council?”

Many opposed to the new Town Councils

Based on the new evidence we have obtained, it appears that there is considerable opposition to a new Town Council costing local Christchurch tax-payers more money.

Recently we asked opinion on the proposed new Town Councils on BH Living’s own Social Media channels and although we received both positive and negative comments, by far the majority of comments were unfavourable.

‘JM’ said “No, we are going through enough problems at the moment with the merger so everything should come under their umbrella, it just feels like Cllrs just want to keep their jobs”, another person ‘MMC’ said, “I cannot understand why the cost will be so high

‘NW’ said: “I knew nothing of this Town Council”, they went on to say, “As for the Mayor and Town Council staff, again this should all come from a central point, otherwise it makes a mockery of the new merger

Some were in favour, ‘AWY’ said, “on the surface it seems a reasonable idea, but will this additional tier have any power?”

Share your opinions and comment below.

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By: Brian Case January 2019



  1. We have already been conned with this BCP merger. We are the smaller council and no I didn’t know about this new council and the additional charge! We the residence of Christchurch are fed up with all these additional costs. First we were told it was being frozen well my council tax is more money this year and we have to put up with this for 8 years. We do not want youth be a dumping ground for the travellers either. BUtT can butt out we are not going to be a dumping ground for travellers, unemployed & down and outs. Christchurch is a lovely place and that’s how we want it to stay Thank you

  2. First I heard of it was finding a yellow ballot paper in my postal voting pack on Saturday with candidates’ names listed for a council I didn’t know existed, let alone been consulted over. I don’t know what it’s supposed to do or be for (despite my being an avid reader of local news and reasonably well up on local government affairs). And, apart from the Lib Dem candidates, I’ve no idea what any of them stands for. I do recognise some names from the former council, mostly Conservative I think – even though they’re all described as “Independent “. I’m a bit suspicious!

  3. Where can i find future activities that this local council will undertake and will their be a statement of individual expenses of council members. Clarification is required.

  4. Bob Ainsworth on

    Conned. No notification. No leaflet drop advising of the changes. This change has been foisted on to the community. It will be totally useless and is a sop by the new council to shut Christchurch up and we are paying the bill.

  5. As I understand it the allotments and the management thereof are to be transferred to the Highcliffe and Walkford Neighbourhood Council. Currently we are told they cost £30-50K over and above the income from rents. Will BCP transfer that amount to the ‘Parish’ council – or will they quietly hang on to that money and expect the new council to raise that amount in the new ‘precept’. Guess!
    Yes, they will cover the costs for the first year as part of the transfer process but then…..?
    And that’s just one part of what will be transferred in the ‘unification’ process. What else will come to light as the Unitary Authority divests itself of responsibilities but hangs on to the money – just like the current national government has done with the Local Councils!

  6. Didn’t know anything about the consultation, certainly wouldn’t have voted for another council and not at such a cost. The pcc is asking for more contributions for policing . When we don’t have a police presence anymore.
    I’ll soon be priced out of living in CHRISTCHURCH.

  7. As a Christchurch resident, do not remember being asked the questions above, and even if I was, where was the vital question about whether residents were happy to pay extra to have a town council?

  8. I am not in favour of the merger. Now it is going ahead we need to make very sure that Christchurch and surrounding villages are proportionately and adequately represented. It is my view that will not be the case when the merger concludes. Parish Councils are invaluable to their communities and are partly financed through the council tax. Council Tax payers are not asked to pay more for this I believe. In my view Christchurch needs the Town Council to ensure we are represented. Whether or not it would be fair to ask Bournemouth and Poole to share the cost through their Council Tax is another thing. If the answer to that question is no…. then the residents of Christchurch would have to pay for it.

  9. Jobs for redundant councillors all because they could not get an opt out of BCP merger and all at the taxpayers expense. They have no right to push this through on a review of only 0.4% of Christchurch taxpayers. Simply outrageous!

  10. I most definitely will not be paying this precept, even if they wish to take me to court. I will fight this all the way, it is disgusting.

  11. Christchurch council seem to me corrupt… all the going’s on over the merger! I see no need whatsoever for a second council and was certainly not advised clearly about this consultation or given a clear choice! Furious!

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