REVIEW: The Hallenbeck Echo


Stephen F. Clegg, Austin Macauley, 2017 Book cover

Part of a series of books by local author, Stephen Clegg, The Hallenbeck Echo is a pacey, intriguing story that takes its readers on a journey that spans the decades following World War II.

Following a bizarre set of events, historians and police become embroiled in a mystery that runs deeper than any of them could have imagined, and unearths the horrific past of a secret weapons research facility.

This is a cleverly-crafted story filled with twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. It’s chilling and suspenseful, but the action is broken up nicely with moments of humour.  

It seamlessly manages to be both detailed and easy to follow. It’s not a short book, by any means, but the engaging style and well-thought-out narrative make it an enjoyable, easy read.


**** – A perfect read for fans of pacey mysteries filled with clever conspiracies and suspenseful plot twists. A real page-turner.

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