REVIEW: My Arch-Enemy Is a Brain in a Jar


My Arch-Enemy Is a Brain in a Jar

David Solomons, Nosy Crow, 2018 Book cover

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s impossible not to be drawn in by this one, with its green sparkles and purple pages.

My Arch-Enemy Is a Brain in a Jar is the fourth children’s book by David Solomons, local screenwriter, author, and husband of novelist Natasha Solomons.

Brothers Luke and Zack have swapped bodies. While Zack only has his brother’s weird feet, Luke is now the proud owner of Zack’s superpowers. An encounter with his arch-enemy gives him the perfect opportunity to test his new-found powers, and plenty of hilarious high jinks ensue.

Children will love this creative take on the classic “body-swap” genre, and the fun and engaging storytelling will appeal to big kids too!


**** –  A fun, exciting read that should keep children hooked from start to finish.

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