ALL (Alliance for Local People) launches in Poole


A political group recently set up in Poole has come up with an interesting concept for next year’s local BCP elections. Their vision is that rather than candidates standing for traditional main parties, they will all be ‘independents’, standing under one banner.

Leaving her job as a doctor, Felicity Rice (pictured above) wanted to help create an environment that promotes better health. Her passion for clean air and healthy forms of transport led Felicity to encourage councils to adopt a broader and healthier approach.

She says:

“ALL – the ‘Alliance for Local Living’ – is all about changing local politics, so that when the local councils join in May 2019, the new unitary authority can be led by 76 ordinary local people who all work together for the good of all their constituents, rather than for the good of a political party.  This is all about real people and real issues, not party politics and disconnected decision-making.”

The current BCP Shadow Authority comprises 125 Councillors from across the conurbation. After next year’s 2 May elections, only 76 councillors will be elected. This means that no matter who is elected and from which parties, there will certainly be a big political shift in numbers in our area.

The ALL group’s inspiration came from the ‘Independents for Frome’. In 2015, all 17 candidates who stood were elected to serve 4 years on the town’s council in Somerset. Their success proved that the public clearly liked the group’s ethos, and only time will tell if they can repeat this success next May.  

Want more information?

The Alliance for Local Living is planning open days for candidates in next year’s elections, and is inviting anyone who is interested to come along. You can find out more about ALL on their Facebook page, by emailing Felicity, or by visiting their website.  

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