Should we name and shame selfish drivers?


Dear Editor,

I wonder if your magazine might think about naming and shaming selfish drivers outside schools, which I observe time and time again when taking my son to school.

Recently there have been some high profile examples in the local media of school children being seriously injured – or worse. There was the tragic incident of a 5-year-old losing his life in Moordown, just before Christmas last year. Yet almost a year on, we still see dangerous and inappropriate parking outside schools.

I frequently see people parking in bus stops, forcing buses to stop in the road and creating danger to other road users and pedestrians. I also see people parking on double yellow lines, or worse, the safety zig zags outside schools, which are designed to protect students.

Parking on the pavements and on blinds is also a favourite, forcing parents with buggies into the road. It often seems to be the same people or vehicles that offend. Are they not aware of the danger they are posing to other children, or are they only concerned for their own child’s wellbeing?

I read recently that a school in Charminster has had to install CCTV and wardens, to try and ensure the safety of its pupils. Should this really be necessary? Surely every parent understands that the safety of children is paramount, so why should hard-pressed schools have to spend money on equipment and staff, just to stop parents behaving dangerously outside?

Local councils have said they cannot justify extra resources to ensure the safety of our children, so perhaps parents and schools need to think of something else to deter anti-social parking. I think it would be a good idea to create a place where people could post pictures of selfish and careless drivers, to shame these people into changing their behaviour. It may just help save another young life!


Colin Mitchell, Muscliff


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