Christmas relief for A338 woes?


It was announced last week that the planned reopening of all lanes on the A338 (originally set for 10 December, to help relieve some of the Christmas rush) may be brought forward. 

This is dependent on the current works being sufficiently accelerated, to slightly shorted the time that traffic management is needed. Even after the lanes are reopened, work will be continuing off the highway, to keep everything on track. 

Other measures being considered

  • Shortening of the coned off section of road during the initial phase of works. The initial length will return for phase 2.
  • Starting the time of required, planned overnight A338 road closures scheduled for 17 and 18 November later, to accommodate visitors going home after enjoying the Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland. Attempts will also be made to move the dates forward, if possible. 

Larry Austin, Service Director for Environment, Bournemouth Borough Council:

“We made sure that every option was fully considered and we are pleased that, by working together, some promising changes are now under consideration. Hopefully, these can be implemented and make a difference to local people’s and visitors’ experience when coming to Bournemouth for Christmas shopping and festivities.”



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