Christchurch company unveils eco-friendly festival accommodation


Christchurch based sustainable technology company, Above All C6(n) has created the Pod – a two-bed, reusable accommodation unit made from recycled plastic, which aims to help the festival industry reduce waste.

The Pod is made using recycled plastic, mainly from water bottles, and comes in six separate easy to assemble parts. It features solar power, an eco-water supply and bio toilet. The structure can also be ‘wrapped’ in any design (thus creating potential advertising space), and will be extendable and stackable, to form Pod ‘villages’.

Charlie Hall, founder and MD of Above All C6(n) says:

“The Pod not only provides a use for single-use plastic we have already produced, it also prevents the need for producing more of it. We’ve all seen the shocking pictures of fields full of tents left abandoned after festivals. As festival popularity has grown, so has the production of cheap, synthetic, plastic tents.” 

Of all the tents that are abandoned, around 90% ends up in landfill, the company estimates. Their hope is that event organisers will embrace the Pod’s design and environmental value, as well as the rental and advertising potential it represents for their business.

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You can learn more about Above All C6(n) by visiting their website


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