Volkswagen to cease production of its iconic Beetle


German automaker Volkswagen has announced that it plans to cease production of its Beetle compact car in 2019. The decision comes as VW prepares for a future of mass-market electric cars.

The original VW Beetle was developed in the 1930s, but U.S. sales of the “bug” were discontinued in 1979. In a bid to rekindle sales in the mid-1990s, the Beetle was revived, with a new, modern design. The “New Beetle” launched in 1998, and featured cute details including a built-in flower vase.

The New Beetle was a hit in its early years, with sales in the U.S. exceeding 80,000 in 1999. Overall, half a million Beetles have been sold worldwide since 1998.

Volkswagen is getting ready to launch a wave of electric vehicles, to appeal to a new generation of environmentally conscious consumers. 


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