3 facts about plastic recycling in Dorset


1. Around 66% of plastic is recycled annually

Most of Dorset’s plastic collected at the kerbside is recycled, while anything non-recyclable is turned into fuel. Dorset’s plastics are not stockpiled or sent to landfill.

2. It’s better to avoid buying plastic

It’s good to recycle but, where possible, it’s better to avoid single-use and overly packaged items. There are more and more reusable alternatives popping up – for example travel cups (with some local cafés offering a discounted price for using them) and metal straws.

3. The correct plastics are cheap and easy to recycle

Problems arise when manufacturers use packaging that we currently can’t recycle in Dorset (such as plastic film or polystyrene), or when items are put in the wrong bin or, worse, littered.

Please remember to put plastic tubs, trays, pots and bottles in your recycling bin!


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