Meet the charity putting waste items to good use


Ideas2Action runs community recycling projects across Bournemouth and Poole, as well as Wimborne and Corfe Mullen.

Their mission statement:

To support and enhance the lives of people living in the UK by offering groups access to our portfolio of recycling projects; to assist them when identifying solutions for local need which benefit the environment and local people.

The charity has two recycling directories which help people and businesses to identify any waste items which can be donated to help local causes instead: 

We Need That
Decluttering? We Need That 

They also run Win on Waste® sessions, which give attendees the opportunity to donate items from their waste, such as broken ballpoint pens, corks or aluminium foil dishes. Rather than ending up on a landfill, these items will be used to benefit a whole host of good causes.

The Win on Waste on Wheels project is a new initiative aimed at housebound or lonely older people, who are physically unable to attend a Win on Waste® session, but would still like to contribute. As part of this, a co-ordinator or volunteer will visit them and collect their waste items. 

Find out how you can get involved here.


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