Come on down to the BIC for The Great Brick Adventure


The Great Brick Adventure offers visitors of all ages the chance to rub shoulders with mythical beasts and go on a wild safari. The best part? Everything is made out of LEGO®!

With stunning models, interactive games and activities, plus the chance to do battle in the Warriorbots arena, this is one experience that will be a hit with children of all ages.

Warriorbots arenaPolar bear Elephant statue A monster

Bright Bricks, the company behind the event, has been running since 2010. Its first event was at a small museum in Basingstoke. Ed Diment, co-founder and creative director, explains that there was no specific theme at first.

“It was mixed – a castle and some small animals, that sort of thing. As the event grew in size and popularity, we realised we needed to offer more. We needed a bigger venue, a theme, and more interactive elements.”

He believes that they’ve created a really fun family experience and, looking around, we have to say we agree.

Children gasp with delight as a giant Minotaur starts breathing smoke, while adults pose gleefully for selfies with other monsters and beloved fairy tale characters. There’s definitely something for everyone.

The Minotaur

There’s the chance to help build Harriet the Hippo, test your creativity in the brick pits, and flick LEGO® flies into frogs’ mouths – though it becomes apparent that most of the children prefer aiming for the poor member of staff manning the game!

Staff member dodging a LEGO brick!

The Great Brick Adventure runs until Sunday 29th July. For more info and tickets, check out the BH Live website. 


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