ROADS: Plans change for Hurn roundabout improvement


Plans to replace Hurn Roundabout with a new, bigger roundabout to the east of the existing site have changed due to land acquisition issues.

A smaller, revised scheme – entirely within the area of the existing road – has been designed and is due to start construction on 21 May 2018, and last for 17 weeks to mid-September.


It is acknowledged that this scheme will not deliver the same level of improvement in traffic flow and journey times as the original scheme, but it will still:

  • improve vehicle movements around the roundabout, especially HGVs, which will help keep traffic flowing through the junction
  • improve walking and cycling links in the area
  • improve the bridge for horse riders

Work will be off-peak with a mix of traffic management, including stop/go and narrowed lane widths in order to maintain traffic flows. There will be occasions when temporary three-way lights and night closures are needed.



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