LIGHTHOUSE: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


David Mynne, founder member of Cornwall’s legendary Kneehigh Theatre brings his one-man version of Great Expectations to Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts on 21 June.

Christmas Eve, 1803: Pip, a seven year-old orphan boy visits his mother’s grave. A frightening encounter with an escaped convict begins a series of events that will change his life forever.

Written by Charles Dickens, one of England’s greatest authors, Great Expectations is the profound and complex story of Pip’s journey through life.

Some of his most memorable characters – the terrifying Magwitch; Joe Gargery, the kind and generous blacksmith; the eccentric Miss Havisham; the cold and beautiful Estella; Mr Jaggers the pompous lawyer and Pip’s wise friend, Herbert Pocket – are vividly brought to life in this anarchic and joyful telling of this glorious tale.

Using Dickens’ original text (well, mostly!) David Mynne takes you on a journey that brings you a ‘cast of thousands’ in a skilful, one-man adaptation of this epic story.

Be prepared to be scared and amazed and cry and laugh … a lot!


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