REVIEW: Dirty Dancing


Sexy dancing doesn’t get much better than this and last night at the Pavilion Bournemouth Dirty Dancing the stage show pulsated the Pavilion stage with its breathtaking blend of classic music and emotionally charged dancing.

Katie Eccles as Baby and Lewis Griffiths as Johnny 4 credit Alistair Muir

I am sure the majority of readers need no reminding but the story is about two young people from the different worlds of downtown and uptown who during the summer of 63 find themselves enduring the most challenging summer of their lives.

We have all been there, you are now at the age where you just do not want to be on holiday with your parents and with ‘Baby’ making her own entertainment she soon stumbles across an all night dance party in the staff quarters. 

Taken aback by the scenes that confront her, immersed by the pulsating sensual dance moves, she finds herself wanting to be a part of the action and it is not too long before she finds herself catching the eye of ‘Johnny’ the resorts dancing instructor.

35 classic hit songs which include Time of My Life, Hungry Eyes and Be My Baby, and we have all the ingredients for another brilliant show which is in Bournemouth this Summer.

The company of Dirty Dancing credit Alistair Muir

A few surprise extras, great costumes and an evening of great music and dance make this a show you will want to see again.

Dirty Dancing is currently on tour and performs at the Bournemouth Pavilion until 26 August, for tickets and booking information visit the BH Live website

Reviewer: Sandie Case 


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  1. Sam Chandler on

    Went to this last night , we weren’t dancing in our seats , was told to be quite all time. The ushers said you can dance at the end when the meg mix was on . Felt like I was seat in the cinema. I have been to many live shows but felt totally conned by this so called show . If I wanted to watch the movie I would have stayed at home with the people I went with and watched the movie there , at least we could of sing along . It was alot of money for what it was . Very disappointed.

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