REVIEW: Jane Eyre


I love Jane Eyre, in fact it’s up there in my top three books so when I saw that National Theatre/Bristol Old Vic were staging their interpretation of the play in Southampton I expect I was one of the first in the queue.

I use the words ‘their interpretation’ with caution, yes I was slightly worried that their modern take on this classical piece of work would not do justice to the Charlotte Bronte classic but I needn’t have feared, it’s theatre at it’s best and what’s more it retains the true meaning, depth and feeling of this classical great.

This really is a bold production – the stage is a simple, uncomplicated wooden set and the clothing worn by the actors is true to the period. A couple of small additions add some welcome humour to what is a tragic heart.

Nadia Clifford (Jane Eyre) Tim Delap (Rochester) in Haworth, photos by Ellie Kurttz

churning story of ‘Jane’. We witness her tough upbringing, her early adult years learning about life up’s and (mostly) downs, before becoming a Governess and then eventually we journey with here as she eventually follows her heart.

The whole cast were amazing and made this is a very energetic show that almost makes you worn out just sitting in your seats. The two leads are played by Nadia Clifford as Jane Eyre and Tim Delap as Rochester. 

This play is one you should see and it’s one you could even take slightly older children to see, as it gives a captivating insight into life, whether set as this book is, back in the mid-1850’s, or today. It comes highly recommended by the Life Begins Magazine team. 

Jane Eyre is now running at the Mayflower Theatre Southampton though to and including 13 May, for ticket availability call their box office on 02380 711811 or visit their website

Reviewer: Sandra Case May 2017


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