REVIEW: The Full Monty


No spoilers are in this review.

Jovial, original and exuberant humour came naturally to cast of The Full Monty from the very first scene of the performance. Both visual and verbal witticisms and puns were stacked skyscraper-high throughout. You keep thinking it is as good as it gets but with Chris Fountain proudly announcing ‘Well there is this!’, it only got better!

The storyline followed that of the timeless film, including the iconic Donna Summer line up, making us become even fonder of the characters representing Britain in the 1980s under the ‘Blue Bitch’, Mrs Thatcher. The cast, especially Gary Lucy enthusiastically gave it their all to fit in to the era and their leather jackets having much of the audience regarding the performance through rose tinted glasses. As well as the continuous comedy, the diversity of the actor’s abilities made it easy for the audience to assimilate the real-life struggles and despair of Sheffield in the ‘80s recession. The acting skills of the ‘Bums of Steel’ performers may cause the set and costumes to be easily forgotten; but these must definitely not be over-shadowed as the realistic set and the costumes wholly appropriate for the era had most certainly been given a lot of attentiveness.

If you think the film cannot be replicated, then I dare to contest and would highly recommend this as a light-hearted and easy watch, guaranteed to put you in a fantastic mood!

The Full Monty has just started out on a 23 date full UK tour taking place between now and ending next April in Sheffield. The show will not be returning to our area so out advice is get along to the Bournemouth Pavilion while its here.

The Full Monty is currently playing at Pavilion Bournemouth until Saturday 24 September 2016 with evening shows starting at 7.30 and matinee at 2.30, for ticket availability visit the BIC website via this following link or call their ticket line for all BH Live Tickets on 0844 576 3000.

Caution – This show contains themes of an adult nature.

You can follow The Full Monty tour via their Facebook and Twitter feeds and using the hashtag #fullmonty

Facebook: The Full Monty UK
Twitter: @FullMontyPlay

Reviewed by: – Marianne McGrath

Featured image – Gary Lucy, Louis Emerick, Kai Owen, Andrew Dunn, Anthony Lewis and Chris Fountain in THE FULL MONTY credit Matt Crockett


9.5 Awesome

Jovial, original and exuberant humour

  • Performers 10
  • Story 10
  • Scenery/set 10
  • Costumes 8
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