REVIEW: Gangsta Granny has the audience in fits of giggles at Bournemouth


David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny is now in Bournemouth as part of its UK tour, staged by the Birmingham Stage Company- the acclaimed producers of Horrible Histories. This vibrant show will have the children in fits of giggles and is filled with joy.

The performance follows the story of Walliams’ bestselling book Gangsta Granny, a hilarious granny with a surprising secret- she’s a gangsta! The actors are energetic and enthusiastic which brings this loved tale to life on stage with a very clever set and exciting costumes. 

Although the show is a little slow off the mark, it’s not long before the audience is in fits of giggles with the children laughing loudest. We see a granny and her grandson, Ben, bonding over her ‘gangsta secret’ which throws them into an exciting adventure together. Our lips are sealed as to exactly what the secret is – we wouldn’t want to spoil the story for anybody intending to visit the show but save to say the audience become totally immersed in the show, with even the Mums and Dads joining in with the shouting and giggling. 

The costumes and set add much to the performance, with revolving scenery transforming into different scenes slickly – almost at the flip of a button we’re transported from from Granny’s bedroom to the next scene almost magically. The uplifting, jolly music and dancing add to the whole experience and make for a well thought out and extremely enjoyable musical drama. Costume highlights would have to include Ben dressed as English Breakfast – a sight to see! 

This fantastic family show is a great performance to keep your children entertained, and don’t fear there are plenty of giggles for adults too! 

Gangsta Granny is at the Pavilion Bournemouth from 27-30 July.

Our Verdict

71% GOOD

A vibrant and energetic show which is bound to get the kids giggling away.

  • Performers 72 %
  • Music 61 %
  • Story 72 %
  • Scenery/set 82 %
  • Costumes 71 %
  • Overall 71 %
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0 %

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